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What is Electromagnetic Radiation
and How Does It Effect You,
Your Children, Your Pets, and Our Environment?

On August 24, 2010, Mr. Barrie Trower, a retired British military intelligence scientist who was a microwave and stealth warfare weapons expert, and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, gave an interview (below) in South Africa because there was a little boy who lived near a transmitter and had a tumor, and Mr. Trower was asked to go see the little boy, and then discuss what he knew. He discusses not only the health issues, but the environmental impact to the animals. This is very scary, and an issue that needs to be seriously looked at.

Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons. He provided Dr. Havas with a copy of a talk he gave to the King of Botswana earlier this year (April 2010) and that document can be view here.

Here is an excerpt of the transcript from the interview below. You can find both the original interview and full transcript here.

Partial Transcript
"During the 1950s and 1960s during the Cold War, it was realized both, by accident, that microwaves could be used as stealth weapons against the Russians beamed the American embassy during the Cold War and it gave everybody working in the embassy cancer, breast cancers, leukemia's whatever, and it was realized then that low level microwaves were the perfect stealth weapon to be used on dissident groups around the world, because you could make dissident groups sick, give them cancer, change their mental outlook on life without them even knowing they were being radiated. And one of my particular tasks … I spent eleven years questioning captured spies … one of my particular tasks was to learn the particular frequencies of microwaves that they used on which particular victims, if I may use that word, and what the outcome was, and I built up a dossier … I’m probably the only person in the world with the complete list … I built up a dossier of what pulse frequencies of microwaves will cause what psychological or physiological damage to a person."

"I believe that this explains the dramatic changes in behaviour we are now witnessing - group suicides, disruption in schools, aggression and so on."
-Barrie Trower

"That’s not covered under the official secrets act or anything like that, is it?"
 -Interviewer Jenny Crwys-Williams

"To be honest ma’am, I don’t care about the official secrets act when I see what is going on in the world through…really ignorance…what I call ignorance. I think the official secrets act goes by the [ball?]. They can do with me what they like, but I feel that it is my task to answer questions from governments, royalty, schools, anybody around the world, I tell them exactly what I know, exactly what I’ve done so that governments and organisations and people can actually make safe levels."
-Barrie Trower

Dr. Barrie Trower on Microwave Radiation,
Stealth Warfare and Public Health
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Interview with Barrie Trower


Dr. Barrie Trower 
30 Minute Reality Update

Published on Jul 31, 2012 by ChurchCommittee2
ICAACT was given an exclusive interview with Dr. Barrie Trower, a true British gentlemen and hero, who has spent many years fighting for humanity.
After the meeting our respect and admiration for him rose to new heights.

During the two days of interview, we touched on many different topics, but the main theme was the abuse of microwaves as a secret and covert stealth weapon, that has been around for at least 50-60 years. This type of weapon has taken many different forms over the years and it is still used in many different types of targeting, even to the point of death around the world.

We started the Interview with basic knowledge about microwaves and how they influence the human body and mind. From there we went on to cover Dr. Barrie Trower's long career, and finally we went into they abuse of microwave weapons and what can be done to protect against them.

The Interview was filmed on May the 1st and 2nd, 2012.

More of the Interview with Dr. Barrie Trower to come at:

Dr. Barrie Trower
Microwave Warfare

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Interview with Brittish Microwave expert Barrie Trower.

By: Natural Science -

This short excerpt, of the original video (2 Hours 20 Minutes) only deals with the Microwave warfare aspect.

More Videos on this topic:

Dr. Barrie Trower
The Dangers of Wi-Fi to Women and Children

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A condensed version of an interview with Barrie Trower In November 2010. Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and WiFi.

Women and children are most susceptible.

Dr. Barrie Trower
Olympics Trailer
The ICAACT Interview

Mind Control, Gang Stalking and
RFID Chip Implant Testimonies from ICAACT

On The Truth Denied Radio Show today:

Guests: Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard of

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An open letter Open Letter from Barrie Trower

To whom it may concern... 

The Communications Industry, because of its usefulness to Government, Finance, Intelligence gathering and Warfare, is really in the position where it is spiralling out of any person's ability to control it, with regard to advancing technology. 

Initially, all systems "pulsed". However, when it was realized that stealth microwave warfare relies on entrainment of a brain from such pulses, now being used as a domestic instrument, the pulses had to be re-named as "modulations". The difference between them is infinitesimally small, but the effect is just the same. Only the name has changed.

I believe that this explains the dramatic changes in behaviour we are now witnessing - group suicides, disruption in schools, aggression and so on.

Over the years, I have compiled a list of known entrainment responses (followed by long-term potentiation) from these microwaves. It should be appreciated that each person will respond slightly differently, although the same area of brain/temporal/amygdaloid temporal/parotid/etc., will remain the same. 

Per second/ 
Possible Result 

- 1 Heartbeat Rhythm

- 1-3 Sleep Pattern

- 3-5 Paranoia/Hallucinations/Amnesia/Illusions/Drowsiness 'Absent' Feeling

- 6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings/Visual Distortion/Confusion

- 8-11 Cannot Relax/Feeling Unwell/Unhappy

- 11-13 Anger/Manic Behaviour/Problems with Movement/Flashes/Loss of Appetite

- 14-18 Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/Auditory/Visual Hallucinations

- 18+ Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound)

- 24+** Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/Dizziness

- 35+ Mania/Hyperactivity

- 40+ Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions 

** It is worth mentioning that a mobile phone with a pulse/modulation frequency of 25 could act directly on visual sight (if being held at head), or heartbeat (if in a chest pocket). A frequency of 25 can disrupt both visual and heart neurotransmitters.

Clearly a susceptible person may have any combination of these. Electrosensitive persons may recognise many of their own symptoms. My work on electrosensitivity and the brain can be found on .

I think the problem is that young Governments and young communications engineers have no knowledge of Cold War warfare and don't know who to ask; even if they did, the Government would probably be in denial. The situation is a mess, made worse by greed.

If anyone would like clarification of any of the foregoing, or I can help in any way, please let me know.

Barrie Trower 
3 Flowers Meadow 
TQ12 6UP 
01626 821014

Posted by WEEP News
by: Martin Weatherall
As a Canadian independent foundation, WEEP acts as an umbrella organization and focuses on progressive initiatives that bring increased awareness, policy change, and entrepreneurial activity around the issues of safe Electro Magnetic emissions.
WEEP News is a service provided by WEEP to keep those interested in and affected by Wireless, Electric, & Electromagnetic Pollution, informed on a daily basis, of all the current issues and initiatives in the world today.


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That’s why things like THIS happen when the informed take drastic action to draw attention to this horrific reality.

We’re dealing with intentional harm to our young people and overall population by the same corporate devils who genetically modify our crops, poison our air and water, and add carcinogenic genetically altering additives to our food.

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Obviously, we can’t escape the exposure. We’ve established that fact. So what can we do to minimize the damage? Here are few ideas.

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This is the nastiest wave yet. They’re attacking residences with extremely powerful rapid intermittent blasts under the guise of checking your energy consumption.

Not the case. They’re not only monitoring your every activity, but you’re being bombarded with the most sinister waves yet.

A tremendously helpful site can be found HERE . . . at Read it carefully and take advantage of its info. We’re being killed off if we let them, don’t be the next.

Protect Yourself and Your Family