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Revelation 17:8
"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is."

Published on Dec 15, 2012

Little boy gives evidence of a second shooter.

Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A CLOSE LOOK)

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Police Scanner Audio pt. 1 uploaded by Sheilaalien
This audio is presented as-is from the source aside from the deletion of some scrambled, inaudible portions and editing out of dead air/silence.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Police Scanner

Police Walked A Man In Camo Pants And Dark Jacket Out Of Woods

A witness describes the man fitting the shooter’s description, that was walked out from the woods behind the school in handcuffs.

Police Search Woods Behind School For Additional Suspects: Newtown Connecticut School Shooting

Additional weapons were found inside the school, not on the shooters person. 20 children, 6 adults killed in Conn. elementary school massacre.

Additional Weapons Found In School Not By The Shooter's Body

.223 shells were recovered inside the school, and his Bushmaster .223 rifle was found in the trunk of his car.
20 children, 6 adults killed in Conn. elementary school massacre

Photo Credit: Atlantic Wire

(Newtown, Ct) At least 27 people were murdered (including 18 children) at Newtown Elementary in Connecticut Friday during a staged false flag attack against our guns when multiple shooters were initially reported opening up fire in an elementary school resulting in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.  This comes after a series of shooting rampages spreading across the country taking place in mostly white, suburban areas.  

Within minutes of the reported shooting CNN had a police officer on calling for neurological screening for firearm purchases.  Witnesses report at least 100 rounds were fired inside of the school from 2 gunmen.

One of the gunmen was reported killed and the other was arrested in the woods just outside of the school. The one shooter in custody was reported to have multiple weapons and body armour according to fox news. CNN reports the gunman looked directly at one of the parents while being escorted to a police car and said "I DID NOT DO IT". 

The dead shooter Adam Lanza (NOT Ryan Lanza) will no doubt be dubbed the lone shooter, will be framed with the 3 name mind control tag, and paraded on the news as the lone nut as the military psy ops land a direct hit on our second amendment. 

Adam was reportedly Austistic and was probably under the influence of psychatropic drugs just like many other mass shooters.  There will no doubt be more shootings to frame gun owning americans as Fox News leaves us with the premonition stating "..unfortunately when these kindergarten shootings get started THERE WILL BE OTHERS".

We would like to say to the establishment that any gun control measures will be met with citizen resistance.

As it becomes clear that the main stream media is now ditching the 2 shooter story for the lone nut narrative, more questions come to mind. One crucial question being how did the shooter enter the school if the doors are locked during classes, and they had recently implemented new safety measures. Although no evidence of a suicide has been presented, the suggestion is there and it fits the usual MO. Furthermore, it is being suggested that the shooting took place in 3 different places in the school supporting the possibility that there were indeed 2 shooters.

The Mayor of Danbury, Connecticut said:
"We're drilling all the time, practicing all the time for these events"

If the shooting was carried out under the guise of a training drill, it would explain how the shooter got easy access to the school.  

Problem / Reaction / Solution
An agency of the government recruits a patsy after extensive psychological profiling (usually a loner, someone who may be autistic, nerdish, keeps to himself, perhaps bullied in school, etc..). Then when they have their 'hit man' they use mind control techniques with psychotropic drugs to train their assailant. At the appropriate time, (usually when they need a distraction from something they want to divert your attention from or further their agenda) they send him out into the field to carry out his mission along with trained government agents (second shooters that witnesses testify to but are later dropped by the media). The 'suspect' is most likely killed in the process or whisked away to a federal institution and declared insane. In the case of Jared Loughner, it's odd he didn't get the death penalty but instead life in prison.

After the rampage, the media hypes the shit out of it. Talking heads say we need stricter gun control laws. We need to disarm everyone. The UN wants all weapons confiscated. Mass shootings become more frequent. The government steps in and passes laws (Executive Orders) that make it illegal to own ANY fire arm. The 2nd Amendment is destroyed as UN troops go door to door searching for weapons; those that resist are killed.

A new Communist / Socialist regime comes in and declares Martial Law. We cannot resist because they have taken our guns. Millions are slaughtered in the process because ignorant people didn't see what the true agenda was.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
- Sir Winston Churchill

Peter Lanza (father of Connecticut shooter) reportedly was scheduled to testify in LIBOR scandal along with Robert Holmes (father of Aurora Colorado 'Batman' shooter).

Most of this information is public record, but there are those too lazy to get off their arse and find it. It is readily available to anyone who wishes to seek the truth.

Like any jigsaw puzzle, when you start putting the pieces together you begin to form a picture. When we realize that picture is indeed an ugly one, our first response is to turn our head away, and we refuse to look at it.

Just because we cannot face it, the picture doesn't go away; and the truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it...

How do you arrest Ryan all the way in New Jersey when the murders were hundreds of miles away?

...and keep calling him the shooter for hours? 

And they claimed he was the shooter and dead??? ..not telling us he was in New jersey & alive and arrested!!!! 

lol ...It's impossible that this is just some confusion! 

UNDERSTAND----->They were saying he was the shooter, he was dead and his brother was arrested (and armed) outside the school in the woods. So this isn't just a case of the wrong ID! Who the hell was the dead guy inside the school??? It was apparently going to be Ryan, who I guess some Flemm/Bulger type FBI operators/cleanup men were going to deliver to the tightly controlled crime scene. Somehow Ryan apparently didn't let himself be lured away from work as they intended to happen. And even smarter of him (and saving himself from being the appointed mass murderer) he managed so timely to hear about his being set up probably on his computer at work, likely via yahoo news, or email, or instant message, and was bright enough to say he didn't do it and was at work in New jersey. Otherwise he'd have been framed, fried and delivered. But who knows the American people are so alchemically and and mass media brainwashed and asleep they might still at least partially blame him for this. And after this phoney computer/programming decided election and readiness of Boehner and the dumb party Rino and NeoConArtist lead Republicans they just might get some massive unConstitutional Gun Control (aka Gun Confiscation) legislation passed after a they next couple of psychotropic/PSYOPS mass murderer shootings. Then we can begin to receive what the Russians and kulaks(farmers) and Cossacks and the Christians and intelligensia got from these same folks. And that means mass murder... 

...Only more a much more modern version with drones and helicopters etc...murdering gunowners, patriots, farmers and small businessmen and landowners and Christians.

Make no mistake, there is a very deep " rabbit hole" here, and at the bottom of it is a movement that would think nothing of sacrificing 27 innocent lives to help bring about the "real change" in America that is crucial to their agenda. The Second Amendment is the one thing that stands in the way of implementing a lot of other socialist notions that we may not care for too much. Once disarmed there's not a whole lot you can really do about any of it. 

Interesting to note, and as we all saw through the "Arab Spring", the first plea of the oppressed in each country was for weapons to fight their respective dictatorship with. History plainly shows, as with "Nazi weapons law" of March 18, 1938, gun control is the gateway to tyranny. Also, as many suspect, if the President was in fact a Muslim sympathizer or "masked Muslim" what better way to set the stage for fatally weakening America than by repealing the second Amendment? It would seem that the stage is now darkening, may God help us all.

This footage I found is very strange. The reporter asked a question and the sheriff answered a completely different answer. As if a different question was asked. And as if this whole press conference was staged. I'm not saying it was, but it sure looks suspicious with all the other idiosyncrasies . . . the sheriff mentions about somebody cutting wood in the woods behind the school. All other reports say it was a father of one of the students who they apprehended in the woods. Why was he in the woods running?

Things don't add up. If you put together the footage from the helicopter where they are chasing someone in the woods, and the audio of the original 911 phone call where they say they saw "two shadows", and then it was reported the 2nd person they were looking at had camoflauge on and a bullet proof vest, huh? Bullet proof vest? Now this . . .

Update (My analysis) Here again you will see the state police spokesman doing a very poor job. He preemptively came up with some little extremely inadequate BS sounding story to explain away the suspected accomplice (the elephant in the room) before anyone even asked him. Not to mention does a nice job not answering the question about whether Lanza's mother even had a connection to the school in any way. Then he answered another question or two and stepped down from the mic. 

I'm still not sure exactly what this is. This is from NBC News and it contains the same anomaly as the previous video I did about the ABC News recording of the same 12/15 8am press conference.

Newtown gunman tried to buy rifle days before shooting

As in the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre massacre earlier this year, witnesses provided testimony of a second shooter beyond James Holmes, the man accused in that horric killing.  James Eagan Holmes (born December 13, 1987) is the suspected perpetrator of a mass shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012 at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He had no known criminal record prior to the shooting.


The differing eyewitness accounts of a possible 2nd shooter or accomplice must be examined & not dismissed outright as ‘fog of war’ type confusion. In this video compilation, 2 separate eyewitnesses give very specific details about a tear gas can being thrown from the other side of the theater, opposite the alleged gunman. Another reports that someone sitting in the front row received a cell phone call or text & then proceeded to the emergency exit from where the gunman entered – He did not say if this individual returned to their seat or not, or give a detailed description: Was it Holmes or someone else? These are very specific details & cannot be simply ignored in lieu of the “official story” that will inevitably emerge. – Attendee (Holmes?) received a cell phone call, left through exit Was there an accomplice? Someone in the audience? A movie theater employee? Or did Holmes simply set a reminder on his own phone? – Gas canister coming from opposite side of theater Could a gas canister have ricocheted off the back wall of the theater? Was it rolled across the floor in the front, making it appear to come from the opposite side? Or, did someone else discharge the gas canister?

Holmes was initially jailed at Arapahoe Detention Center, under suicide watch.  He is being held in solitary confinement to protect him from other inmates, a routine precaution for high-profile cases.

Holmes made his first court appearance in Centennial, Colorado on July 23, before Judge William B. Sylvester. He was read his rights and no bond was given. A mandatory protection order was issued by the judge. The judge appointed a public defender. Holmes said nothing and never looked at the judge.  His appearance, which was described as “dazed” and “confused” fueled speculation about his mental state.

On July 30, Colorado prosecutors filed formal charges against Holmes that included 24 counts of first degree murder, 116 counts of attempted murder, possession of explosive devices, and inciting violence. The multiple charges expand the opportunities for prosecutors to obtain convictions. For each person killed in the shooting, Holmes is charged with one count of murder with deliberation and one count of murder with extreme indifference. Holmes agreed in court to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days.

On August 9, Holmes’ attorneys said their client is mentally ill and that they need more time to assess the nature of his illness. The disclosure was made at a court hearing in Centennial where news media organizations were asking a judge to unseal court documents in the case.

Did James acted alone? 
The James Holmes Conspiracy - Part 1/4

 The James Holmes Conspiracy - Part 2/4 

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Part 3/4

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Part 4/4

Sunday, December 16, 2012
What is really going on with this horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? Now a report comes to us from an Emergency Radio Scan forum of a police search for additional suspects in a purple van. According to the report, both of the suspects had ski masks while one of them was dressed like a nun! You can’t make this stuff up! Additionally, a report coming to us from The Intel Hub describes the attackers as ‘an organized group of nuns. 

“A caller on the Alex Jones show Friday gave a report from Newtown that he was in a bowling alley before 10 AM (before the shootings took place) signifying that the school population was possibly held artificially low Friday as a possible militarized operation took place.

The caller has also stated that an unverified rumor is circulating amongst the school staff that the shooters were described to be disguised ”organized group of nuns”infiltrated the school property to carry out the shootings leaving at least 26 dead at an elementary school Friday.”

From Manny of the Radio Reference Forum:
Amateur Radio   
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 1,757
Purple van with 2 suspects wearing ski masks one dressed in a nun’s outfit, possibly related to this incident, being sought. Last seen in Danbury.
Per CSP, FBI personell on scene.

So, according to someone monitoring emergency radio scanners, the Connecticut State Police and FBI agents on scene were searching for a nun in a ski mask! Why in the world would a nun be running around the scene of a mass shooting with a ski mask on? Is this a CIA/MKUltra Conspiracy? Radio talk show host Rick Igou gives his take on the shooting below.

Newtown Elementary School Shooting
A New World Order Conspiracy

Source: Matt McCarson | Effie Trinket Prison Planet Forum | Posted on Dec 16, 2012

Photo Credit: Newton Bee Article

 Dawn Hochsprung, 47
 Rachel Davino, 29
 Anne Marie Murphy, 52
 Lauren Rousseau, 30
 Mary Sherlach, 56
 Victoria Soto, 27

Slain CT principal Dawn Hochsprung remembered as energetic, smiling

Among the six adults killed were Dawn Hochsprung, the school’s beloved principal

Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung Among the Dead

Town officials say Hochsprung, who died in the shootings at the school, was killed while lunging at the gunman as she tried to overtake him.

"Meanwhile, the school's principal, Dawn Hochsprung, sacrificed her life, school officials said, trying to protect the children from the gunman, who had forced his way into the school."

"Town officials said Hochsprung died while lunging at the gunman in an attempt to overtake him."
"Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more than she could count – that went "on and on.""

Retraction And Apology
An early online report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school's principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack. The quote was removed from subsequent online versions of the story, but the original story did remain in our online archive for three days before being deleted.

We apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused our readers and for any pain or anguish it may have cause the Hochsprung family.

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Why is the mainstream media now emphasizing the fact that Nancy Lanza, mother of gunman Adam Lanza, is a ‘survivalist’? Nancy was worried about economic collapse and had been stockpilling. Additionally, she had taken both of her sons targetshooting.

Every day as this tragedy unfolds, there appears to be more and more proof that this is some type of a government psy-op. A startling new report will be released within the next few hours that may help to help blow this ‘conspiracy’ wide open.

New details uncovered about shooters mom

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